At Gymnazia, we offer a wide range of high quality and fun additional services that could benefit the whole community.

As part of our social responsibilities and in accordance to our guiding principles, we form fruitful relationships with schools to extend our offerings to more students. Through a team of professional coaches, we offer a wide range of specialized programs as part of schools’ Extra Curriculum Activities. Our ECA programs include Rhythmic Gymnastics, Acrobatic Gymnastics and Ballet.
Gymnazia offers a wide range of summer activities. Summer camp programs are designed for different age groups ensuring each age group has the relevant supervision, guidance and age-appropriate activities. Each activity is carefully planned and prepared, ensuring classes can be tailored to meet the needs of the campers. Please make sure to check out our calendar to find out more about activities, ages, and schedules and choose the perfect summer camp for your child.
Field trips are great opportunities for schools to enrich and expand their curriculum. Introducing children to different activities, strengthen their observation skills, increase children’s knowledge in a particular subject area and expand children’s awareness of their community.

Gymnazia provides a comprehensive range of activities for schools enabling students to have exciting and unforgettable learning experiences.
Through collaboration with major international schools and organizations, Gymnazia offers students the opportunity to participate in inter-schools and international camps, competitions and various other programs. Gymnazia’s international trips and camps provide students valuable and unique opportunities to experience what it is really like to be a professional.
Other than our scheduled classes, we also provide private and customized sports, arts and fitness lessons tailored to unique students’ needs, style and pace. Our private lessons provide a great opportunity for students to focus attention on their unique requirements. In private classes, our experienced coaches work one-on-one with the students to improve important skills for a specific field.